Skilled Nursing

A Registered Nurse (RN) will make visits to the patient wherever he or she may call home in our service area. The RN is the case manager who coordinates all levels of care through the patient’s primary physician and our hospice Medical Director.

Our Services


Responsibilities of the registered nurse include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provides many of the same services a patient would receive in a hospitalNursing Care
  • Provides hands-on nursing care around the clock in the patient’s home
  • Manages pain and other symptoms
  • Manages medication
  • Provides wound care and infection control
  • Provides support to patients and families
  • Helps the family learn to care for a loved one at home
  • Provides respite to the family members who are providing care
  • Orders supplies or obtains the necessary equipment to care for the patient at home
  • Ensures medications are available
  • Coordinates with chaplains, ministers, priests or other spiritual advisers to meet the needs of the patient or family
  • Coordinates with physical, occupational, and speech therapist to meet the needs of the patient
  • Serves as the communication bridge between patient, family, physician and other members of the hospice care team
  • Understands the end-stage processes of many diseases as well as provides sensitive care and emotional support
  • Advises patients and their families on current prognosis