Aide Services

Our aides work under the supervision of a registered nurse. They perform various services for the patient, as necessary, to meet the patient’s personal needs and to promote comfort. The aide is responsible for observing the patient and reporting and documenting observations and care performed. The aide is assigned to improve the quality of life through compassionate care.


Responsibilities of the hospice aides include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assists with various personal care issues including changing bedding, changing clothing, and bathing hospice patients
  • Helps with hygienic routines such as brushing teeth, washing hair, and keeping wounds and dressings cleaned
  • Assists patient’s family members in caring for terminally-ill relative by instructing how to perform basic health-care routines
  • Oversees the hospice patient’s nutritional needs and ensures the patient receives appropriate foods and liquids
  • Encourages nutritional intake with small, frequent meals and takes measures to ensure patient is always hydrated
  • Starts IV fluids when needed and maintains eating and breathing tubes and ensures port lines are clean and sterile
  • Educates visitors on best practices for interacting with patient prone to infection or to become easily tired
  • Consults regularly with patient’s registered nurse to keep hospice team informed of patient’s progress and family’s needs
  • Supervises when a patient takes prescription medicines
  • Helps with meal preparation
  • Provides restorative therapies
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